“Time together isn’t ever quite enough”

Miles – February 1998 – August 20th, 2013

“Time together isn’t ever quite enough.” – Owl City

This morning at 11:30 am I said “God be with you” to Miles. He’s been a faithful friend for about nine years. We used to jog together, play Frisbee together, watch TV together, eat together, he’s been on every conference call for work with me (silently), he guarded the house while I was home and away, he would howl for hours (ask the other guys) when I left without him…

I’d always tell him I was only leaving for a short while, and I’d be back soon…

This morning, I visited him at the vet (he stayed there overnight to see if they could get things stabilized – see his post from yesterday for details). He didn’t look well and he gave me a look of approval with a tear in his eye (really), letting me know it was ok to say “goodbye.”

For the first time, ever, I didn’t say I’d be back soon, instead, I said “God be with you.” When we were created, we were never meant to say goodbye. Death, sickness, and pain entered into the world to separate us from each other and God. Today, Miles jumped peacefully into the arms of God, where one day I’ll meet him again.

Rest peacefully, my friend. The next time we meet, we’ll both be perfect and we’ll play Frisbee again!

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